10 killer reason to Trail Run.

Trails made for running
View of the trails during the Fat Dog 120

I am self described trail running fan boy. It seems like an obvious choice to me, I mean who wouldn’t want to get out for a nice workout while enjoying nature.

So, I was a bit surprised when friends of mine commented on my latest trail exploits by saying, “Oh, I could never do that”.

My reaction is, of course you can. I mean it is just running, but not on the road. For some reason my incredibly perfect logic was not sinking in with my audience. Obviously, they were having issues with their ears, because I know that what I was saying made perfect sense.

Mountain lake

Beautiful lakes seen from remote trail

But, since I am blessed with a superhuman amount of patience, I decided to put down some more facts in a blog post.

  1. All running started on trails. Since mankind was running since before there were roads… Duh!
  2. Trails, especially groomed trails are easier on your joints. This is especially true for new runners.
  3. Running on trails is WAY more interesting. Especially if you are blessed to find yourself in the Pacific Northwest.
  4. Trail running is a better workout. If you think about it your body has to work much harder to stabilize on the uneven surface of the trails. Also, let’s not forget the hills, and there will be hills.
  5. No traffic lights. Enough said.
  6. No cars. Again enough said
  7. There are trails EVERYWHERE.
  8. You come back dirty. This gets you some serious street cred.
  9. You burn more calories on the trail. This is related to number 4 , if you are working harder you are burning more calories.
  10. Beer tastes better when you are washing down the trail dust.

To be honest, I could have kept going on this one. I didn’t even touch base on the fact that the solitude and serenity can be an enlightening moment for many. Or the fact that you are going to see terrain and view that most of the population never will. So, next time you are strapping on the shoes for a run, why not find a trail to enjoy.

Random/Useless Fact

Human feet can produce a pint of sweat per day.


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