10 truths about running

running down some epic trails

My running is starting to peak. I have a big race in a month so I find that I am getting out the door for longer and longer runs these days. I might not be running everyday, but I am thinking about it everyday. Which means I have an abundance of time to ponder what the hell I am doing.

  1. The first mile sucks – I don’t care how much you run. The first mile is a gong show. Muscles are screaming, lungs are burning and you are asking yourself what you were thinking. The best thing to do… ignore it.
  2. Bring more water РGetting dehydrated is no fun. And it does not take much to start to effect performance. According to Michael Gleeson, performance is impaired when an individual is dehydrated by as little as 2% of body weight.
  3. Protect from chafing – Uhm, ya. Use body glide, use vaseline.. just use something. Nuff said
  4. It’s gonna hurt – There are going to be tough days and moments. Don’t get depressed, it is supposed to hurt. That means you are making gains. Now, using common sense is big here. If your foot is literally falling off, for god’s sake stop. But if you are getting a stitch… suck it up whiney baby.
  5. Size your shoes up – Expect your feet to swell. You WILL need bigger shoes. The standard rule of thumb is size up your shoes by a half size.
  6. Fuel early and fuel often РIf you are doing a run longer then an hour, then you should be thinking about fueling. I generally fuel every 30 to 45 minutes. The key is to eat before you feel ready, you will not be able to make up a calorie loss. Your best  bet is to stay on top of it. Shoot for 200-300 calories per hour.
  7. Bring toiler paper – or even better baby wipes. When you run, you shake things up. The tends to lead to things moving through your system faster then normal. Be prepared for an unexpected poop.
  8. Dress appropriately – Running is hard work. Your heart rate is going to spike, you are going get hot real fast. It is always best to dress like it is hotter then it is. I like to assume it is 10 degrees hotter then it is. I might be cold heading out the door, but I will be much happier 10 minutes down the road.
  9. Hurt or injured – Running through an injury seems to be a right of passage for runners. Don’t do this, we are all idiots. Trust me this one is easier said then done.
  10. Just start – there are days, especially early mornings where I just don’t want to run. I found the best trick is just to start before I can talk myself out of it. Before I really know what I am doing I have settled in to my run.

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