Earning a Beer.

What in the heck are we talking about?

Well to explain it properly, it is probably best to put it into some type of context. First off, I like my beer… OK maybe that is not quite accurate enough, I LOVE my beer. Pretty much any type of beer too, as long as it is cold and not cellar cold, I am talking Canadian cold.

Like most young men I learned this love for beer during my twenties. It seemed like I had found a perfect beverage. But, as the years went by and I passed a few milestones, first my thirties and now into my fourties. I noticed that beer has some strange properties that I had not noticed in my twenties.

It seemed like beer was causing all of my clothes to shrink, strangely enough not in height only in girth.

The obvious answer is that the beer was causing some type of electro magnetic interference to radiate from my body, because my scale was also acting funny. Sometimes adding 20 or 25 pounds to my weight.

What is even stranger, through much trial and error I was able to come up with a solution. It appears that if I am able to raise my heart rate for an extended amount of time, that the electric interference is somewhat nullified.

So it would seem that exercise was a valid solution. But, as we all know exercise feels like work. In other words, I was going to have to Earn my Beer.

Authors note:
I have heard rumours that there may actually not be any type of electro magnetic interference from beer drinking. And instead this phenomenon can be summed up by simply intaking more calories then you are burning. Pffft… like beer has any calories.