Aug. 23 – Weekly Workout Wrap up x 2

Summer trails

Well after promising that I would write more often, I took a two week hiatus. sigh

The good news is that I still did work out over those two week, nothing epic but still managed to log some time. Here is a quick look back at what I have been doing over the last couple of weeks.

In my last wrap-up I was hoping to run 3 times, ride twice and do 2 HIIT workouts. Well I didn’t quite get there 🙁 . Here is how that week broke down.

Monday – August 10
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) day. I like to do the Men’s Health Spartacus work out so I knocked a couple of round of this. Truth be told, I have been taking a break from the HIIT workouts, and I could tell this one knocked me on my butt.

Tuesday – August 11
It was hot today. It has been hot everyday of this summer. I guess that is why the entire Pacific Northwest is on fire! So, what better then to head to the track for some speed work. Ya, my Mom dropped me on my head as a kid.

Wednesday – August 12
Back in the gym for some more Spartacus. Still only did 2 out of the 3 rounds but, I did feel much stronger today then I did on Monday. Finished up with a quick ab workout, nothing crazy just a few round of crunches.

Thursday – August 13
Recovery! Two Spartacus workouts and a Sprint workout will tire a guy out. I would classify these as 3 days of HIIT. Time for a break.

Friday – August 14
Life got in the way today. No excuse, but I should have planned my day better. Gonna have to make this one up down the road.

Saturday – August 15
Early morning 10km. It seems like forever since I have been able to run more then 10km. Between biking and some crazy hot summer days I have let my runs slip. Now, my summer chores are starting pile up and things need to get done before the kids are back to school. The rest of my day was spent tearing up and replacing flooring. Fun times!

Sunday – August 16
More flooring and NO WORKOUT. Grrrr.

Weekly totals
It started out great, but fizzled from there. Hit my gym workout goal, but that was it. Missed both my running and biking. Hoping to get my runs totals up for the next week, and introduce the bike back in. With Tough Mudder closing in, I suspect the bike will take a back burner as I work on running and interval training.

Monday – August 17
Brought the bike out on an epic summer morning. Finally we are seeing a bit of a break in the heat. At least over night. This morning was perfect temperature. Today, I logged 42km on the bike PLUS a gym workout. Nothing epic just some lifting ( chest and shoulders ). All in all, a great start to the day.

Ended the day with a nice ride home.

Tuesday – August 18
Seems like just yesterday, I was saying the weather had lightened. What an idiot… Today was hot, especially for a lunch time run in a fully exposed area. Logged 10 very hot kms. Not worried about time at all just logging some miles today.

Wednesday – August 19
Planned recovery day. Also made sure to watch my diet.

Thursday – August 20
Back on the bike for a bit of a commute. Nice day again, really liking the cooler morning temps, but the afternoons are still stifling.

Ride home

Friday – August 21
Rained this morning. Thank God! We need it. So today is off to run a few trails behind the office. Nothing crazy though just 10km or so, but at least there is a smattering of elevation.

Saturday – August 22
Planned recovery day. Although I did do a few more summer chores.

Sunday – August 23

This is what happens when the entire world is on fire!

This is what happens when the entire world is on fire!

Well this sucks! Today was supposed to be my long run of the week. I had a nice course planned out around the lake, which was going to be enough new stuff to make it interesting. But, I woke up to this..

In case you are wondering, that is not clouds or fog. That is smoke! Normally I have a great view of the lake from my deck. Today, I can barely see across the road! Apparently, the smoke blew up from Washington State last night. The worst thing is that the air quality advisory is a 10. Which pretty much means, unless you are racing, like the local triathalon, then you better take the day off. Grrrr.

Upcoming week

Time to get ready for the Mudder. I expect to run at least 3 times this week and 2 full HIIT workouts, if there is time maybe a ride or two.

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