Aug. 30 – Weekly Workout Wrap up

I am still trying to stay the course and log all my workouts to the blog. It is a good way to keep myself accountable, and who knows maybe someone out there will actually be motivated to get out there themselves.

As I have mentioned, I am now in full on Tough Mudder Training since Vegas Mudder is only 7 or 8 weeks away. With that in mind my goal was to do some cross training and running this week. Let’s see how things worked out.

Monday -August 24

Did I mention there was a lot of smoke here? When I say a LOT, I mean a crazy amount. Health warnings everywhere to not be doing strenuous activity outside. Good thing today was a planned Spartacus workout.

It was a good one today, upped my weights to be 30lbs for the heavy sets and 15lbs for the light sets. Felt like that is all the weight I can handle at this point.

Tuesday – August 25

The plan was to get in a 10km run. Moderate pace, as I am just trying to log some miles these days. Considering that there is an air quality warning out still, I kept things simple. Fairly flat, fairly slow… meh.

Wednesday – August 26

Planned rest day. Sometimes these are hard to do when training is going well . But rest days are so important, trying to make sure I am sticking to them.

Thursday – August 27

Well, this smoke is starting to get in the way. Grrrr.

Today was supposed to be a hilly run day, but instead turned into another Spartacus workout. Not really a big deal since this was planned for Friday, I guess I can just switch the two days.

Friday – August 28

I never thought I would actually look forward to rain. But, after the Spring/Summer we have had it is ridiculously dry everywhere. Luckily, the forecast is for some rain over the next week. This morning we had some showers, so I was able to sneak out and get in my hilly 10km.

Interesting, that Strava is showing this as just under 10km while my Suunto Ambit 2 is showing it at just over 10km.

Saturday – August 29

Another planned rest day. Some time spent on stretching and rolling the legs though. Fueling for Sunday’s longer run.

Sunday – August 30

Sunday was a planned longer day. Ideally I was looking for something fairly flat with about 20km of distance. I missed slightly on both fronts. I ran 19.5 km with 200+meters of elevation.

Next week

I am still working towards the Mudder. So I see 3 or 4 days of running and at least two HIIT workouts. Check back to see how I did.

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