Dirty Feet – Race Re-cap – Part 1

Dirty Feet Race 1 - March 2014

I blame it on the shoes.

Why else would I find myself scrambling as fast as I could over the wind swept hills of Kamloops, BC. I mean there are somewhere around a million other things I could be doing. Say lying in a hammock on a tropical beach, or relaxing in a hot tub.

But, no! I had to be out here running,shambling or whatever you would call the tired, awkward gait I was using. What had I been thinking? Obviously, since I am blessed with perfect judgement (among other traits) then there had to be someone or something else to blame.

As I racked my exhausted mind, the only possible solution is that I was tempted by the shoes. Sure, these Inov-8 X-Talon 190s were pretty. I mean who doesn’t love Orange? They also possessed unbelievable grip and a feather light weight. This must have brainwashed me someway, because I do believe I was recall thinking that running a hilly trail run in March was a good idea…

The day started off normal enough, albeit a bit earlier. The alarm went off at 5:30 which had me wondering why we were in such a rush to start, only to remember that the race was a good two hour drive away.

So, in the pitch black I found myself climbing into Owen’s car enroute to the first trail run of the season. My goals were simple, beat last years time and beat Owen. The first goal was sure to be easier then the last.

Not to dwell on things, but last year my performance was less then satisfying. For some reason, I signed up for the race then proceeded to treat it like any other training run. To say I ran below what I was capable of, is a serious understatement.

Plus, Owen can be a beast. He is a tenacious climber, and mentally one of the toughest guys I know. He was sure to bring his “A” game, and lately I had not been measuring up well.

As I said earlier the race was held in Kamloops. Which is about a 2 hour drive from the Okanagan Valley, where I live. But, most importantly this is where Owen grew up and this race was being held in his childhood backyard. I know, right? How could the plot get any better?

Anyways, the drive was pretty uneventful. Being that it was early on a Sunday morning traffic was light, and as we got closer to the Race the weather was improving!

When we left home, it was still dark but easy to see the overcast. But, here there was plenty of blue sky and the sun was actually shining. Hmmm, maybe this day was going to be ok after all. I mean who doesn’t love running trails in the spring time sun?

Since we were from out of town, we opted out of the shuttle and headed right to the race location. Nice and early, we got premium parking. Like I said this day was looking up! And then I opened the door…

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