I am a going to be a Mudder… again.

Getting hit by the electric eel
Ouch! That electricity has a sting

First there is the dirt. There is something about it. It just feels different, and trust me I have felt it on every part of my body. Then there is the mud, sticky and smooth barely a rock to be found, but, it will get a grip on you and refuse to let go. And let’s not forget about the sweat. Collecting on your brow and further soaking your mud stained shirt. Oh, the Ice… how can we not talk about the ice. It will shock to your core, but maybe not as bad as the electricity.

Tough Mudder. So much more then a race, in fact it is not a race at all. Instead it is an event. Something to experience and enjoy with a collection of friends.

Enjoying a post mudder beer

Definitely earned these beers.

And I have missed it. My last Tough Mudder was in June of 2013, but thing are getting back on track in 2015. I have committed to the Vegas Mudder in October, 2015.

Nine months to get Mudder ready.

To be fair, my cardio is already in good enough shape to run 10 miles. Heck, I do that now.

But, crawling around in 8 inches of mud, dodging electric wires or bathing in ice. That’s a different story. I see that they have added some new obstacles this year as well, which are sure to add their own unique set of physical challenges. Sounds like fun!

So I have to put together a plan.

Getting my Mudder face on

Let’s think about this.

To start off I plan on building a great base. Core and Leg exercises are going to have to be a focus. The best workout I know of is the Men’s Health Spartacus workout. Trust me this bad boy will get you in shape fast!

If you want to add the Spartacus to your workouts, you can find the workout through a quick google search. But, the real benefit is that this is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. Which means time is essential. I love the Seconds Pro timer, which is available as a smart phone app for both the Android and IOS. The nice thing here, is that the app comes bundled with a bunch of pre-built timers and two of those are Spartacus workouts.

The great thing about the Spartacus workout is that it only requires a set of dumbbells and a few square feet. But, it does have one real weakness, especially if you are training for a Mudder. It lacks any sort of pull-up motion. Which is critical in your Mudder training. There are walls, logs, steep hills, not to mention the monkey bars. Ya, there are lots of arm and back strength needed.

So, what is my plan to add some pull-ups? I think I am going to keep it simple, since I have to go for runs anyways I figure why not run by a few playgrounds? And every time I pass I can stop and do a few sets of pull-ups. Simple? Yup. Effective? You bet.

To sum up, I need to keep an eye on my Cardio, Core and Pull-up strengths. If I stick to a steady diet of running, Spartacus and playground activities I should be set. At least physically. Mentally is a whole other story.

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