Inov-8 X-Talon 190 – Review

Our Rating

8 Quality

6 Comfort

7 Price

8 Looks

I have been wanting to try out a pair of Inov-8 trails shoes for awhile. Unfortunately, they are not easy to find in my neck of the woods so I took a chance and ordered a pair online.

A few days later they showed up. A quick unboxing and I was finally holding my first pair of Inov-8s.

All I can say is that these definitely deliver the wow factor. I mean hot orange, who doesn’t love hot orange. And light… this thing is ridiculous. Somewhere in the 6.5oz range. No that is not a misprint 6.5 oz. This is a true racing flat disguised as an off roader.

After trying them on, I was surprised at how narrow of a fit they are. I would definitely recommend sizing up a half size.

To be honest, my first run in these was more of a love/hate relationship. I made the mistake of buying these at true size and I did not size up. So they were tight enough to cause a blister. But, I still couldn’t help coming back from my run with a huge shit eating grin on my face. These things grip like nothing I have ever run in before.

But, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. Like I said MAKE SURE YOU SIZE UP but there are a few other considerations. This is an uber-light shoe which means barely any padding and certainly no rock plate. If you love minimalistic then you will like these, but if you are more into the Hokas then stay far away. Also these are true off roader, they have an aggressive tread, closer to a cleat then most shoes. Add this up and you will want to stay far away from payment and probably even hard packed trails.

In conclusion, these shoes are meant for obstacle course, mud running or fell racing. And they do an exceptional job in those elements, I would certainly run a half marathon trail run in these, especially in the Spring, but I wouldn’t even consider anything longer.


  • Lightweight – crazy light actually
  • Grip – Take these out on mud or gravel and you will be smiling
  • Looks – I normally shy away from bright colors. But somehow the orange fits these beasts
  • Fast


  • True off-roader – keep these off of the hard packed surface. You’ve been warned
  • Fit – these are really narrow shoes. I can see some people just not enjoying them
  • Distance – I think that a half marathon would be as far as you would want to go


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