Nike Zoom Kiger 2

Our Rating

7 Quality

8 Comfort

7 Price

9 Looks

It has been a number of years since I last ran in a pair of Nike runners. But, the specs on the Kiger 2 got me interested. So I picked up a pair of the latest Kigers to see how they stack up.

The first thing I noticed, is damn this is a nice looking shoe. I have never been a fan of the uber bright shoes that have been around, instead I like the muted grays and blacks.

If you are an astute reader, and I know you are, then you would have noticed that this is the second generation of the Kiger. So… what is the difference? To be honest, not much. They have changed the upper over the toe box a bit, added a bit more stitching although I have not heard too many complaints of blow outs. They have also added more of their re-grind material, basically reused rubber.

But, enough of that. How does the darn thing feel?

Well, I like it. Which usually means that this is a minimalistic shoe with not much weight to it. While I wouldn’t sum the Kiger 2 up as a minimalistic shoe or super light, it melds enough of the two together to make it a worthy contender. I have heard it described as a race ready shoe. It is also really comfortable, although I did size up a half size which is pretty standard for me. If you are looking for a rock plate or lots of protection from rough trails this is not the shoe for you. However, as an all around technical trail shoe the Kiger 2 has a lot going for it.

Here is how it stacks up:


  • Upper – extremely comfortable sock-like upper
  • Light – although not exceptionally ┬ámy Men’s size 9 weighs in at 8.5oz
  • Looks – this is a great looking shoe
  • Grip – although not exceptionally “meaty” the grip has surprised me with how… Grippy it is. ( I know amazing insights)


  • Sole wear – remember that grippy stuff, well I guess it likes to grip to everything because it does not wear well. Definitely, stay off the roads with these.
  • Weight – although not heavy I really feel like they could have knocked a bit of weight off of this one.



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