Ready or not.. I am running in a week.

Running Blackwell peak

This year has flown by. It is hard to believe that we are about to enter the second week of August. Which means that it is race week for me. In exactly one week I will be running my 70 mile Fat Dog race.

So am I ready?

Honestly, it is hard to say. I know I set some good solid goals for my training. If I stuck to them I should be in a good place. So, let’s see how I did.

  1. Run 1500km before the race – CHECK. I just clocked over the 1500km mark for the year.
  2. Work on my pace – CHECK.. sort of. I still tend to run most of my training miles too fast, but I have worked hard on changing my stride which has definitely been for the better
  3. Stay healthy – CHECK. I am actually kind of surprised at how well this year has gone. I have fought nagging injuries over the last few years but so far this year has been much better.
  4. Stay sane – NOT REALLY.┬áThis has been the toughest mental year so far. Between running my own business and training. Family life has suffered as has my sanity.
  5. Train smart – CHECK. I have tried to make my training days as similar to race day as possible. It is has been hard because my local trails simply don’t have the elevation that race day will have. Still we do what we can
  6. Lots of elevation- NOT REALLY. I  have done nearly 28,000 meters of elevation gain so far. Not bad, but I would be happier with a bit more. Too late to worry about that now.

Anyways, I think this post is just nervous typing. I have done all I can so no reason to sweat anything, it is out of my control now anyways.

I will be sure to keep you posted on how things went.

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