Running Kalamalka Lake Park

Taking a rest at the top of the climb

With a 70 miler in my future it is time to start amping up the weekly mileage. So, a few Sundays ago I headed out to a local provincial park to get some miles in, but more importantly some elevation.

The 70 miler I am running has already been conquered by my brother-in-law, Owen, and he will be taking the challenge again this year. He has agreed to help me train, and to run as much of it as we can together. Since nobody knows what will happen that day we are leaving the actual race day up in the air.

Which brings me back to the training run. Since we wanted more then 20km and some elevation and considering this park was within a 20 minute drive it seemed like the perfect fit.

The weather was typical early Spring, cloudy and forecasting rain. So we geared up, more about that later. It is also the first run this year that I was using my hydration pack.

For this particular route, the trails can be a bit confusing at times so we loaded the GPS watches up with the route ( I have run this exact route a few years back). Having the course with us, was a total life saver. But, it also caused us to have to run down a hill only to turn back around to do run right back up it. Ya, this was going to be a great day!

Did I mention that we started our running by going up a hill? Ya well, that hill just keeps going. 300 meters in the first 3kms. I don’t know about you but starting out my runs by going up, just makes me feel like I don’t run… EVER. But, there is no doubt that it warms you up quick.

Working hard going up some hills

Which is a good thing, because it wasn’t too long before we were into the snow. That’s running in early March for you.

After our initial climb, we enjoyed some glorious single track which did give up most of our earlier elevations but was enjoyable none the less. We slowly transitioned onto the Eastern part of the valley and ran into more snow, which besides slowing us down a bit was really quite fun to run in.

Running some enjoyable single track

Then it was up again, for about 5km and 300 meters of up. As you might expect there was lots of snow near the top, but this just let us grab some spring run-off to fill our bottles. Not, that we needed much since it was practically all downhill to the car from here.

Now this is ice cold water

This is a great run, if you are ever in the neighbourhood grab the Strava file and give it a go. Don’t forget to let me know how you enjoyed it.


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