The Clug – Review

Our Rating

8 Quality

8 Comfort ( ease of use/installation)

6 Price

8 Looks

Clutter. The life of any endurance athlete usually involves loads of clutter. We gather gear that would make any hoarder proud.

Now, there are worst things to gather, and some are fairly easy to store. Take shoes for instance, you can fit a boatload in a closet. Close the door, problem solved. Same goes for hoodies, sweats and t-shirts. But, what about bikes?

Sure, sure there are some people that actually believe that one bike is enough. But, we all know how disillusioned those individuals are. But, the problem of storing our bikes still exists. I for one, think that the living room is probably the best place to keep my bikes, certainly not the shed! But, my wife may differ in opinion here, so I was tasked with finding a solution.

I turned to the intrawebs and came across . On their site they boast that it is”the world’s smallest bike rack”, well this sound perfect. But, let’s see how they measure up.


The check out process was quick and painless, the shipping… not so much. It took over three weeks to arrive, which is a bit long considering the listed address is only a three hour drive from me. But, alas like so many other providers the production is not done on site so shipping came from gods who knows.


When they mention that this thing is small.. they ain’t kidding. Arriving in a padded legal envelope, everything you need is contained in on little box. It can’t measure more then 2 inches by 2 inches. Specs aside, they did a fantastic job on the package.

Everything you need is in this little box!

Everything you need is in this little box!

Tiny clug box with clever quotes.

Clever packaging

More funny and clever packaging

Funny, but best to check anyways

Quick and easy installation instructions

Unfolding the box and you get the instuctions

packaging includes screw template

They even give you a template to tape to the wall for your screw holes

box taped to wall

Just tape the whole box to the wall, but make sure it is at the right height for your bike

drywall plugs inserted and ready to go

Make your screw holes and insert dry wall plugs

Half the clug installed

Now, simply screw the clug’s outside plastic thingy ( ya that is a real word ).

Clug fully installed

Snap the last plastic piece in, and you are all set.

Another look at the installed clug

Looks pretty small, let’s hope it holds up

Bike using the clug

Last step is to plug your front tire into the clug.

Bike's front tire installed in the clug

A closer look at how the clug grips the tire.




So, would I recommend getting a Clug? I guess, it depends… I think it is a lot of money for such a little device, but it seems to do the trick. Still, if it retailed for $15 instead of $25 I think that the recommendation would be that much easier.

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