Weekly Beer and other goodies. Feb 20 2016

I am still trying to amp up the mileage. I took a little break over the winter and don’t want to up the mileage too quickly. Having said that still putting in close to 40km a week.

In the mean time, I spend a lot of time on the internet. Partly, because of my job but, also because I am addicted to news. So, I like to share some of the goodness I find all over the inter-webs.

Not, all of these will be fitness orientated, but they have caught my eye for one reason or another. So grab a brew, sit back and enjoy.


Should you use a Heart Rate monitor

I take a look at whether using a heart rate monitor is a good thing for your training.


How to run in a Calorie Deficit

Some of us are carrying a few extra pounds after the winter. This is a great look at how we can shed them without impacting our training.



Top 10 marathons for 2016

This is definitely a cool bucket list. I am not so much into the road running but some of these might convince to hit the pavement.



 Crazy Urban MTB Run

In a word.. NO! But, damn this looks like fun

Bike Washing Machine

This may not be ready for primetime, but what a great idea!


There on the periphery


Beer of the Week

Tree brewing – Vertical Winter Ale. I know that winter is coming to an end, at least in this corner of the world. So, we can say goodbye with a local brewery’s winter ale. Caramel and nut flavours, combined with a smooth malt profile leading to a vanilla finish

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