Weekly Workout Wrap up

Climbing the hill from Wood Lake

It has been a tough summer for me. For some reason or another I did not get myself signed up for any races, and truth be told I was not motivated to at the time. So, I have mostly taken the year off, at least from running races.

I am still working out. But, one side effect of not racing is the sense of accomplishment. I am in a constant state of feeling like I should be doing more.

So, I have decided to start sharing what I have accomplished during the week. I hope that it will be a great reminder for myself, as well as a bit of added responsibility of having my workouts posted publicly . And who knows, maybe it will inspire someone to get out there and get their own workouts in.


Monday was a holiday here in Canada, at least Western Canada. The weather was pretty nice as we had temperatures in the low 30’s ( Celsius). I was pretty lazy most of the day, but I did manage to lace the shoes on for a short 7km run. Nothing special, just something to get out and feel like I accomplished something.

Looking back this is one of those runs that could be chalked up as junk miles. I did not run fast enough or alternately long enough to be truly beneficial.


Back to work day and time to get on the bike. The hardest part about the morning ride is that I have to hit a hill straight out of the gates 🙁 But, once I have that first kilometre under my belt it turned out to be a nice enjoyable ride in.

After work starts out nice and slow, but both heat and wind can hamper the ride. I don’t remember too much of either on Tuesday so it must have been alright.


I woke up feeling beat up from the ride. My cyclocross is not really meant as a commuter and can beat me up. Today it was the back. Very tight upper back muscles. Time for a rest day.


Still, feeling the effects from the bike ride. Time for a new bike?

Around noon, I started feeling a bit better and decided that some weights at the gym would be a good idea. Spent about half an hour lifting, mostly push exercises today. Since, I am not prioritizing lifting, I find that splitting between push and pull days are a good fit for me. It allows me to hit a few more body parts then I would on a more traditional lifting regime.


Feeling better today. So jumped on the bike for a work commute again.

The morning ride was definitely cooler then it has been the last couple of months. I will have to think about what I want to do for the fall. Compared to Tuesday, this ride was a bit slower. My legs felt not as sharp and the time would agree with that. My goal is always to hit a sub 50 minute on this route. I missed it by about half a minute, so not a great ride.

The afternoon ride, was tough. There was a bit of wind, but the body just didn’t want to cooperate. I gutted this one out and was actually pretty happy with my time, a sub 50 minute going this way is great. But even a sub 55 is acceptable.


Woke up tired! I hate waking up tired!!

Not much happened today, although I did test ride a bike. Maybe 5 – 6 km of biking that I didn’t bother tracking.


Sundays are supposed to be my long run day. But, I guess that really depends on what you consider a long run. For me that usually ranges anywhere between 15 – 30KM, Today was on the low-end of that scale but I did manage to get a bit of elevation. Really not much to report on, it was a half road half trail run. In other words, I ran to the trailhead then ran home. It was hot though, probably in the low 20’s ( Celsius ) when I started.

Next week

Well I finished this week with 4 days of Cardio and 1 day of weights. Not terrible, but more of a maintenance week then anything else. Next week I am hoping to get 3 run days in, sticking to my three key running workouts. I am also hoping for two days of bike commuting, although running the cyclocross with road tires and 90PSI is taking its toll on me. Lastly, if I can find the strength to add 2 HIIT workouts in the gym I would consider it a success. What are you planning this week?

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